Before booking please ensure that you are happy with our Terms & Conditions and our Site Rules. A PDF copy can be downloaded here.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Site Rules1. You agree to abide by the rules of Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping. Site rules can be found on this page, displayed around the site and at reception. Cancellation by you (the customer)2. The £30 non-refundable deposit will be retained by Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping. Cancellations received up to 48h before commencement of booking will not incur any further charge. Leaving us early3. If you feel the need to cut short your holiday after it has commenced, any refund on monies is under the discretion of the Manager. Changing your booking: 4. Whenever possible, Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping will assist you in making changes to your booking. Transferable deposits may be raised soley at the Manager’s discretion. Cancellation by us5. In the rare event of negligents on the behalf of Manorafon Touring & Camping which results in dangerous or inaccessible surroundings Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping may be forced to cancel your holiday. In such circumstances a full refund of all monies received will be provided. General Terms6. Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping do not accept bookings from groups, the site is strictly for families and couples. 7. In the interests of all visitors, Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any person or groups of persons at its discretion. Any refund of monies is under the discretion of the Manager. 8. If in the Manager’s opinion any person is not suitable to continue the holiday because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or annoyance to other holidaymakers, Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping reserves the right to exclude the holiday party from the site. In this event, the customer shall remain liable for the site fees and no refund shall be due. Unforeseen Circumstances9. Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping regret they cannot accept liability or pay any compensation for cancellations to your holiday or the destruction or damage to your accommodation (which cannot reasonably be remedied to a satisfactory standard before the start of the holiday) due to ‘force majeure’, i.e. any event that could not be foreseen or avoided. Such events include but are not limited to industrial disputes, war, or threat of war, civil disorder, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions and all similar conditions. Your Vehicles/Property: 10. Your vehicle(s), their contents and accessories, your luggage and personal belongings are left entirely at your own risk. Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping will not be held responsible for any loss from or damage to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever other than negligence of the park, park employees or agents. Your responsibility: 11. Whilst Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping are happy to provide activities for children, Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping are not a child care facility. Please note that at all times the safety of children is the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Liability12. Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping shall not be liable for the death or injury of any person staying or visiting; or for any loss or damage to property of any such person howsoever any such death, injury, loss or damage may be caused otherwise than as a result of our negligence. 

Site Rules

We take our site rules seriously, you should to!

We are proud to run a friendly family touring & camping site. We are always about (day & night), however if you feel a fellow guest is not adhering to these rules please let us know by visiting reception or calling 01745 833237 at any time. Guests and their families who continue to break our simple site rules will, without hesitation be removed.

Your Pitch/Environment: 1. Please leave a minimum 6 yard gap between your pitch/vehicle and your neighbours’. 2. No Commercial vehicles are allowed on site. 3. Open Fires & Fire Pits are not allowed, we allow the use of Chiminieas which meet safety criteria. 4. If using a chiminea you must use clean/untreated timber or specially manufactured fuel. 5. Washing lines must be limited to the confines of your own pitch. 6. If you bring your dog/other pet with you, you must: Keep the dog on a lead at all times! Clean up after your dog. We reserve the right to require that the owner remove their dog, or any other pet, from the site if it is a nuisance or danger to other guests. The maximum number of dogs per pitch is 2.

Conduct on site: 7. Quite Hours are from 23.00 hrs until 07.00 hrs. Please respect your fellow guests and keep the noise to a minimum. 8. The speed limit on the site is 5mph. Please ride bikes carefully. 9. Please leave the facilities you use in the clean condition that you would hope to find them. Please report any un-clean or inoperable amenities to reception. 10. Parents/Guardians are responsible for safety and good behaviour of their children at all times. We have a simple set of rules for children that are displayed on site – Parents must ensure that these are followed. 11. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the all facilities. 12. We reserve the right to ask guests who contravene these rules or, who in any way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other visitors or any member of the Manarafon Farm team to leave the site immediately. 

Rules for Children: 13. Please do not stand on the hedging or fencing. 14. When playing games use soft balls and only play in big open spaces. 15. Never run, hide or play between pitches (besides your own). 16. Take care not to go fast on your bike. 17. The toilets are not a play area. Do not play in or around the toilets or facilities. 18. Please do not climb or swing on any of our gates.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we hope that you have a great time with us at Manorafon Farm Touring & Camping. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to approach a member of the team.

Will & Jules


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